Ice Cream And Desserts
"33 Penguins"
"33 Penguins" franchise is developing in 180 cities and towns
of 6 countries in the world.
Natural Ice Cream
From Siberia
"33 Penguins" ice cream, desserts and beverages are produced in the heart of Siberia — Tomsk since 2004.

The Company line includes more than 70 various ice creams. Customers like it thanks to natural ingredients, such as fresh cream, milk, whole nuts, berries, fruit, chocolate, cheese, high-quality caramel.

A distinguishing brand is ice cream ORGANICbar with low fat milk and fructose instead of sugar. There are ice creams without lactose and gluten, with sport supplements and superfood products.
Since 2006 "33 Penguins" is developing as a franchise based on a stable business model of retail merchandising. More than 1700 ice cream scoop shops are already opened in 180 cities and towns of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgystan and People`s Republic of China.

"33 Penguins" is the most highly-awarded company in Russian franchising. It has received numerous awards such as "Golden Franchise", "Franchiser of the Year", "Franchisee of the Year", "Healthy Food."

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