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About brand

The “33 pingvina” is Russian brand of natural ice cream. Founded in “heart of Siberia” in Tomsk. Siberia region is one of the most environmentally friendly places of planet. We produce our ice cream from organic ingredients: cream, chocolate, natural fruit and berries. Because of high quality and simple business model “33 pingvina” is largest network of ice cream scoop shops in Russia. “33 pingvina” has locations around Russia, Kazakhstan, Republic of Belarus and Mongolia in 170 cities (at April, 2015), total 1 500 ice cream scoop shops.

Ice cream

“33 pingvina” assortment contains more than 70 sorts of high quality ice cream, which is made from Russian organic ingredients on classic and our exclusive recipes. Exclusive technology, high requirements to ingredients suppliers, strict quality control at all stages allows our company produce products of world class quality.
Ice cream is delivered to our franchisees in special containers 2.25 L and 4.5 L.
Then ice cream is scooped into balls for 50 gr. and served in crispy waffle cones or in bright branded cups.
Packed ice cream is offered in four different volumes: 180 ml cup, 490 ml ice cream box, 1.0 L “Ice-box happy” box and 2.25 L “Ice-box family” box.
Milk shakes and frozen drinks are prepared from ice cream, milk and juices.

Assortment map

Assortment map

Assortment map Assortment map

About business

We invite partners from different countries and regions to cooperation. Our business consultants are ready to offer you the personal plan of cooperation. Use-proven franchising system which efficiency was proved by industry awards and opportunities for distribution are two factors which open big prospects for collaboration. Entrepreneurs from different regions already appreciate the work with «33 pingvina». Because of delicate taste, organic ingredients and unusual format of serving «33 pingvina» is favorite ice-cream for people from different target audiences.

Larisa Tsvid (Khabarovsk, Russia)

Franchisee, distributor on the Far East Region of Russia, the winner of GoldenBrand'12 awards in "Franchisee of the year" nomination. “If you are looking for a profitable business with fast payback and products with high quality, so “33 pingvina” franchise perfectly suits for you”.


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